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 Tech Requirements

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Hella Super Cool Guy
Hella Super Cool Guy

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PostSubject: Tech Requirements   Sat Apr 11, 2009 7:06 am

Tech Guidelines for Events/Practices.

Capital Drift reserves the right to decline any car from participating on the track.
Your car must be free of any brake/clutch problems. All suspension/wheels must be in good working order. Front tires must be in good shape with tread remaining. Any excessive coolant/oil leaks shall not be accepted. You car WILL NOT be allowed to participate until we deem it safe for the track. So if you can fix it before tech closes, then good for you.

Things we’ll be looking for:
-Brake leaks, at the master, and at the callipers/drums.
-Clutch leaks at slave/master. For cable clutches, clutch cable must not be frayed/damaged. Clutch must be working properly.
-All studs of wheel hubs must be present with accompanied lugs. Checking for torque.
-Uncontained oil/coolant leaks*
-Steering wheel fastened correctly.
-Checking rack and power steering pump for leaks**
-Checking for seatbelts
-Checking for fuel leaks at injectors/carbs as well as incoming lines from pump/gas tank.
-Checking if battery is tied down correctly
That’s the stuff we’ll mainly be looking for. Please have all custom wiring heat wrapped or taped up. We are focusing entirely on safety of the driver and mostly the other drivers/spectators/volunteers.

Your vehicle must be deemed able to be controlled and stopped at all times.

If other drivers find your car unsafe to be on the track you may be removed from the track.

If your vehicle develops any of problems listed above, or others, you may not be allowed to enter the track/removed from the track.

If we find your vehicle has diminished brakes/steering capabilities, you may not be allowed to enter the track/removed from the track.

If you try and hide things and we find out later. You will not be allowed to enter the track/removed from the track. Any deliberate lies will not be tolerated.
*Oil/coolants leaks which make their way visibly on the track. Don’t care if you leak oil/coolant when you’re in the pit; we will however make you clean it up. By contained we mean by your car (ie lower engine tray).
**As above, don’t care if it’s when you’re in the pits. If it is found on the track, you may be removed from the track. This makes for an inconsistent track and may lead to accidents due to the slippery nature of these fluids.

You may be issued a warning prior to enter the track. If the problem is not addressed before the next time you attend, you will not be allowed to enter the track.

-Capital D
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PostSubject: Re: Tech Requirements   Sat Apr 11, 2009 8:16 pm

Hey guys, please make sure your car can pass these requirements, I'd hate to see some of you unable to come on the track ! ((17th))


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PostSubject: Re: Tech Requirements   Mon Apr 13, 2009 11:12 am

You may want to request the competitors to have their race wheels mounted onto car for tech inspection and to actually check the lugs are torqued.
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PostSubject: Re: Tech Requirements   

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Tech Requirements
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